Monday, October 19, 2009

God of War

I just recently created a theme based on the God of War game series. If you've never played this game series before, you should reeally check it out! (If you are a PS2 owner that is.) It's made for the fans out there, as well as those that enjoy a dark theme. This one took a lot of work. I spent countless hours trying to design my own God of War icons - as well as do my very best to theme all windows/panels/etc.

Toolbar icons are big. If you're looking for minimalism, then this theme isn't for you. (Although, when set to "small icon mode" the viewable window isn't very different from the most popular themes at AMO - I've checked.)

*Update* I've gone through and made the theme a lot darker than it currently appears on AMO. The black that I chose for the original design seemed a lot darker/richer on my screen settings, but after viewing on other computers and taking in feedback from others, I've decided to change it a little. Other than being made darker, you'll notice more gloss and a difference in tab appearance as well. I think these changes will appeal more to those that like dark themes. I chose not to make the toolbar icons smaller at this time. As I said, even on large icon mode, the other default toolbars are trimmed in such a way that the screen space is not much different than many other popular themes. I've compared it to NASA Night Launch, for example, which is currently the most popular theme available. Plus, due to the complexity of the icons, they look much better on a larger scale. Thirdly, this theme is not designed for efficiency/'s for fans of this theme type.

Hope you all enjoy. The changes I spoke of above will be released in a new version soon. Thanks!